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Protein Bars

Protein Bars Once again I made a video (3 parts) how to make these delicious, nutritious, irresistible PROTEIN heavenly SQUARES!     This time I am making them with absolutely NO SUGAR, MAPLE SYRUP, HONEY or any other SABOTAGING OUR GORGEOUSNESS ALIENS!!! Simply FATS PROTEINS CARBS!!! This recipe is getting better and better!!! I use: 6 SCOOPS OF PROTEIN OF …

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How to eat for a killer midsection

How to eat for a killer midsection Doing ab crunch after ab crunch will build you a strong midsection, but not necessarily a lean one! Yes, it is true that performing exercises with a certain muscle group will help increase blood flow and energy use in that area, but it’s not enough to really get you the results you are …

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