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Exactly How Much Protein To Eat

How Much Protein To Eat Toast eaters, it’s time to change your ways. A new study in the International Journal of Obesity shows that eating tons of protein in the morning—think at least double what you’re eating now—can help you consume 400 fewer calories throughout the day and burn more fat over time. How much protein are we talking about …

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My Morning Power Fuel

My Morning Power Fuel!!! What do you eat in the morning? How long it last? How much energy it gives you? Make notes and set your WIN WIN meal! Oh, you forgot to eat in the morning??? WTF! How can you forget to eat???? You didn’t forget to put you clothes on! So you washed and polished your car, but …

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My Mini Chef loves to cook!

My Mini Chef loves to cook! She surprised me today! Crispy Toast with Avocado, Bacon and perfectly cooked sunny side. Well balanced carbs fats and proteins!!! Can you make your sunny side gradually cooked without burned edges? Well she can and I mentioned only once! She is like a sponge absorbing everything!!! She comes up with so many nice ideas!!! …

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