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Good Green Morning

Good Green Morning!!! What did you eat this morning? Did you get high quality, full of nutritions breakfast for your body??? Treat your body with love and respect! Your body can take a lot and adjust to everything, but one day it will give up on you!!! Example: for how long your luxury car can run on bad quality gasoline? …

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My Sunday Breakfast VS My Children’s

My Sunday Breakfast VS My Children’s! I don’t think I need to tell you which one was mine! WAFFLES!!!! Hahahhaha! Yea right!!! Steel Cut Oats with Walnuts and Boiled Eggs on a side. Hazelnut Paleo Waffles with Homemade hazelnut Nutella… Well… 1. I hate sweets 2. I don’t like chocolate 3. I LOVE MYSELF 4. I LOVE MY ASS 5. …

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