Hahaha It is actually sad. I shouldn’t laugh. Many of us do not see the beauty within and trying to set goals to the standards that actually do not exist and won’t make us happy. The goal we set sometimes is not the goal we can achieve and feel satisfied. We kill ourselves in the gym just to get skinny, …

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WILDDDDDD Well…let me tell you… These SUPERWOMEN/WARRIORS are deserving to do ANYTHING they want! They are absolutely amazing, determinant, unbeatable, confident, strong, positive, humble, generous and simply BESTESTEST they can be!!! They came long way and keeping it up strong!!!! THIS GROUP LOST OVER 350 LBS AND OVER 300 CM But the most important not what they LOST, what they …

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We are humans!

We are humans! We are greatest machines of all We have THE power of overcoming everything and anythingv THE power of finding solution for every test life throws at us, for every obstacle it puts on our way, we do not settle for suffering or easy ending. We are here to stand STRONG. Be your own inner God. Life will …

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