SHE = STRONG Don’t let the Pretty fool you, She is a BEAST HER STRENGHT Dedication Discipline Dignity Self-respect Patience Passion Consistency None of the above you can buy with money! Muscles don’t look good on women??? Aweeeeeeeeee! Don’t worry with me, go and finish your cake!  

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Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka

Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka by Nikolai Gogol Before I say anything, this one of my favorite photoshoots. Love the idea of flying!!! It look so real! With sunset grayish pinkish sky looking really creepy!! When you think there is no way out, sleep on it and everything will clear up in the morning. When life tells you to …

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Let me tell you something!

Let me tell you something! Two tangerines, one is skinny and smooth and one is bigger with visible cellulite! Guess which taste better? Gimme a sec! OK I TRIED IT! The left is drier and sour, the right is JUICY AND SWEET! MORAL: DO NOT JUDGE AN ORANGE BY ITS SKIN! FEEL HAPPY AND SEXY IN YOUR SKIN!!!!  

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Holiday Season is almost here!

Holiday Season is almost here! Haha! I know it is a bit early for a Christmas tree, but it is here and will stand STRONG THROUGH THE WHOLE JANUARY! I am not wasting it. Besides that, my Christmas is on 7th of January, then we have The OLD NEW YEAR (which no one will understand, only my Russian friends!) By …

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