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5 reasons why fat is our friend

5 reasons why fat is our friend It is a still running misconception that animal fat sources have ultra dangerous cardio-vascular, cancer generating evil spirited entities hiding in the hydrogen and carbon atoms. The reality is the same hydrogen and carbon found in plants, humans, and the rest of the planet. Here are 5 reasons why fat is our friend: …

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Let me tell you something!

Let me tell you something! Two tangerines, one is skinny and smooth and one is bigger with visible cellulite! Guess which taste better? Gimme a sec! OK I TRIED IT! The left is drier and sour, the right is JUICY AND SWEET! MORAL: DO NOT JUDGE AN ORANGE BY ITS SKIN! FEEL HAPPY AND SEXY IN YOUR SKIN!!!!  

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We are humans!

We are humans! We are greatest machines of all We have THE power of overcoming everything and anythingv THE power of finding solution for every test life throws at us, for every obstacle it puts on our way, we do not settle for suffering or easy ending. We are here to stand STRONG. Be your own inner God. Life will …

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Did I miss anything?

Did I miss anything? New organic snack station with dry apples, cherries, pears, raisins, goji, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pistachios, walnuts, pecans, cashew, hazelnuts, almonds! Tried to get my kids exited, but they went: SERIOUSLY MOM??? Well that was my attempt to be nice for Christmas and offer them nice snack of their “my choice”. Didn’t go well, …

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Holiday Season is almost here!

Holiday Season is almost here! Haha! I know it is a bit early for a Christmas tree, but it is here and will stand STRONG THROUGH THE WHOLE JANUARY! I am not wasting it. Besides that, my Christmas is on 7th of January, then we have The OLD NEW YEAR (which no one will understand, only my Russian friends!) By …

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Christian Louboutin – J String Shoes

Christian Louboutin – J String Shoes Get back to basics in “J String.” This gorgeous pointed toe T-strap pump shows a little more of the foot with its elegantly receded vamp. At 120mm in light gold antispecchio leather, she is a sleek and sexy finish to your look. Crafted in Italy from smooth black leather, Christian Louboutin’s ‘J String’ pumps …

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